Punching machine

In the garden and greenhouse farming drip irrigation is fully used. Rutec Engineering developed a fully automatic punch-mounting machine for assembling of drip irrigation pipes.
On this fully automatic machine holes are punched in a PE hose, on which a dripper, a micro tube hose and a pen are mounted. Hoses of various diameters, different pens, variable pons distances and varied lengths of the micro tube are no problem. The structure of the machine is such that the change-over times are very low. In addition, this machine is easily build back from a fully automatic to a manual machine.

Using a special servo technology also very short Assembly times are realized. Our software provides a simple and accurate operation and is developed in such a way that we can detect any faults and most of the time can be solved at once.

This versatile machine is a typical example of our broad knowledge and expertise. Our client is still very satisfied with the result!