From idea to product

Rutec Design, part of the Rutec Group, is a skilled and creative partner for the…



From design to machine

Rutec Engineering, part of the Rutec Group, stands for the custom design and construction…



Outsourcing production

outsourcing the production and Assembly of industrial products pays off and take away your…


Special Products

Partner in Innovation

Rutec Special Products is a reliable partner in a (often) complex process. For many years…


ECD box XL

02 January 2014

┬áTo prevent among other things the ripening of ethylene sensitive plant and fruit species during transport, Rutec Design developed in the so-called command Ethylene Control Device box (ECD box). In addition to the handy flat… »

First Assembly Machine to Italy

06 October 2013

In the Benelux we are through our years of experience and good results a machine builder who participates. With the sale of our first Assembly machine to a wholesaler in Italy, we have put ourselves on the entire European… »