Automatic storage in cleanroom

To be able to run injection moulding machines 24/7, Rutec has developed an automatic warehouse suitable for a cleanroom. The system consists of buffer belts, a robot and the warehouse. The robot supplies new empty crates and removes full crates from the injection moulding machines. In this way, the injection moulding machines can work optimally and does not run out of empty crates. The buffer belt ensures that a full crate can always be removed from the filling station. This minimizes the downtime of the injection moulding machine. Full crates are stored by the robot in the warehouse. The stored products can be requested at the dispensing point for further production steps.

It is also possible to put crates back in the warehouse via the dispensing point. In this way, products that are not made by the injection moulding machines can also be stored. The warehouse is therefore suitable for every conceivable product that fits in a crate!

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