Conversion Assembly Machine

01 July 2014

After more than 10 years of assembling the same high reliable plastic product and producing over 55 million pieces on the machine, the machine  has come at the end of its life cycle.  Our client has designed a new product  and wants to reuse the machine. The machine is converted to be able to… »

Lamination Machine

18 March 2014

For a customer who builds coffins Rutec currently designed a fully automatic machine which laminates the wooden panels. The machine is made up of a riding frame with on top  a frame with rollers and cutting unit. The role with laminating is hung in head bearings with a pneumatics clamp shaft. The… »


08 January 2014

Develop a manual machine with which the bud of a rose can be sprayed was the question. The demands were low cost, good coverage of the rosebud, exclusion of damage and low spray consumption. The result is the above Q-Coater. A handy and easy-to-use device. »

ECD box XL

02 January 2014

 To prevent among other things the ripening of ethylene sensitive plant and fruit species during transport, Rutec Design developed in the so-called command Ethylene Control Device box (ECD box). In addition to the handy flat plastic design on A6 format, there is now also an ECD box XL.The housing… »

New type Nozzle for Coatings

05 March 2012

Rutec introduced a new type nozzle for hard-to-handle materials developed, specifically for fast leading to clogging substances is produced. The principle works by using fast short shots to spray. »